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Strong on design identity, lenient on cost, solid on modularity.

Conceived, designed and prototyped during the C-19 lockdown for student accommodation, this well-considered, refined and highly innovative modular furniture system is an attempt at solving most of the daily needs of people within compact living spaces. 

Stilts is a modular furniture system that can be manufactured and scaled easily, using locally sourced engineered board material, mostly plywood and fabricated mild steel components from local micro-entrepreneurs. Mass production friendly CAD, CAM and CNC processes ensure that components marry precisely to create a product that is simple to install, easy to use and easy to love. Just making life simpler while adding quality of living experience to compact environments. 

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All the functionality, none of the bulk. The Cook module has been simplified to give you all you need without it becoming something that you would want to hide in a separate room. In an open plan living space market, that makes a lot of sense.


Closets are mostly boring built-in behemoths, but the Stilts Store/Hang Module comes in many different configurations from open exhibition style to tightly closed up closeted style. Something for every identity and personality type but it is, above all, infinitely usable


Flexibility and multifunctionality is key in compact living spaces. The Eat/Work/Store module does what tables do best, but with the added benefit of being able to be folded away into the connected storage unit. For busy people it’s also a great way to tidy up… at least on the surface.

Sleep/ Study

Beds take up an enormous amount of square meterage and then hog it unconditionally. Wouldn’t it be great if one could flip your bed up and have a workstation or bookshelf available to work on? The Sleep/ Study module does just that and the best thing is that you don’t need to move anything off the shelves when you make the transition.


Built for serious focused work, the Study Module has more functionality than initially meets the eye; from integrated lighting to the ability to transform into a shelf when not in use. All Modules are easy to assemble, reconfigure and relocate.

Display/ eat

The Display/Eat module seamlessly transforms from a table to a display shelf and back again without having to empty the unit. This is a low-tech solution that just works…no power needed. The innovation in construction and use of materials becomes playfully evident here


Laundries are notoriously neglected areas as far as interior design goes. Stilts also brings solutions to this seemingly dull space with clever collapsible drying racks and extra dry storage. Innovation where you didn’t even know that you needed it.

Connect, and let us help you convert to modular. Download PDF here.

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