Privacy Policy

Raw Studios CC Privacy Policy Statement.

The Protection of Personal Information Act came into effect on 01 July 2021. The Act outlines how responsible parties should process personal information to ensure privacy and protection of the individual. Raw Studios cc. is dedicated to complying with the Act and the conditions set out therein, namely that:

  • We strive to hold ourselves accountable for the personal information supplied to us and for the manner in which we process your personal information.
  • The information processed by us will be done in a lawful manner that does not infringe on any of your rights as prescribed by the Act (i.e. obtaining voluntary consent, limitations on information processed);
  • The information processed will be done for a specific purpose that is expressly defined and lawful.
  • The information will only be processed for the specific purpose for which it is intended;
  • Reasonable and practical measures will be put in place by us to ensure processing of information is done in a manner which is not misleading and is at all times complete and accurate.
  • Openness and transparency will be foundational values that form the basis of how we process your personal information.
  • Security safeguards (both electronic and physical) to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of any personal information we process will be put in place.
  • Where there is ongoing processing, you as the data subject will be an active participant in ensuring we only process information which is relevant and up to date.

In a nutshell, Raw Studios cc. undertakes that we will treat all your information with the utmost confidentiality and protect your privacy and that we are dedicated to upholding the best practices as prescribed by the Act.



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