Modular design thinking, for product development, prototyping, testing and training.

think, practice and solve modular

Modular design thinking is an iterative process that we practice to identify and explore the true design challenge between object, user and space.

We define the modular functionality that solves the challenge best, we craft simple and flexible solutions and we enable resource efficiency with a focus on using sustainably sourced and environmentally responsible materials.

Let’s help you convert to modular and achieve:

Functionality – design that solves the problem, beautifully.
Flexiblibility – design solutions that scale to solve multiple challenges.
Efficiency – design that saves materials, resources and costs.

Modular does not limit customisation, we give you solid building blocks to play with.

Are you an architect that needs function in design, a developer that needs to find flexibility?


 Well, you guessed it, RAW rose to the design challenge and the functionally beautiful design of the RAW photobooth was born. Here’s a snapshot of how we made capturing those memories, that much more special

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