Making memories with Modular Design.

Modular design thinking sparks a revamp that brings old and new technology together, functionally:

Photobooths have been doing the rounds adding fun and flair to events over the last few years. Production company Mighty Fine, one of our more daring clients saw an opportunity, wanted to get in on the action and asked us to put our modular thinking caps on to create a photobooth structure that they could use to flip the script and bring a new kind of photobooth to corporate events, live activations and even weddings. 

 Well, you guessed it, RAW rose to the design challenge and the functionally beautiful design of the RAW photobooth was born. Here’s a snapshot of how we made capturing those memories, that much more special:

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Modular: the body of the photobooth is made up of stacked modular components that are efficient to produce and reproduce while offering protection to the tech inside. The stand is separate from the main body and can be swopped out to accommodate other types of bases such as a cabinet.

Flexible: as technology moves on so does the photobooth. Simply put integrating new cameras and printing technologies  is no problem. This flexibility in the modular design thinking carries through into the ring light at the top of the Photobooth. By using  industry standard mounting shoes the design can hold multiple types of light sources or other paraphernalia. 

Functional, yet beautiful: While we don’t start our modular design thinking with looks in mind, we just love it when we get a good balance between the function and aesthetics. Just look at the photobooth as an object… seriously just take it in… it gives a nod to the old timey big box cameras but is a distinct, modern, functional modular take. Now that’s worth smiling for.

Hit us up and let’s co-create with modular design thinking that makes your life and work, simpler.

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