Our Winter Design Camp Students Blaze a Trail in Engineered Timber

For our Winter Camps we had 2 weeks of student training, where selected groups of students from various Universities and disciplines came together to emerge themselves in our Engineered Timber Design and Construction Training Experience.

Despite the cold and windy weather the students embraced the challenges, like the pioneers that they are, and worked at solving the design brief with some very inspired solutions. But before we get to challenging them with the brief, two days of theory, practical demonstrations and presentations from suppliers and industry professionals get the students up to speed with the ins-and-outs of engineered timber and digital manufacturing.

From the get-go the groups were ready for action with one of the students enthusiastically declaring that they have solved the brief just a few hours into concept development. They did not, but we loved the energy, and it was this positive energy that continued throughout the week as they designed, digitized, prototyped and built their most innovative solutions.

On the final day the students presented their process work and final design, and a winning design was selected to be built in a 1:1 scale by RAW – a project that we are really looking forward to and can’t wait to share!

Our training experience is focussed on bringing out the RAW potential in the students/ attendees by:

  1. HANDS-ON learning – bringing ideas to life through making.
  2. Working within a MODULAR head space.
  3. Providing an educational EXPERIENCE that engages with the whole being.
  4. Setting out a brief that solves REAL challenges.

And if interests you, please get in touch with us here: klara@rawmodular.com  

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