Future Forward Timber Talks

On 12 September 2023 the University of Pretoria hosted its inaugural Timber Construction Conference with the theme Growing Timber Connections, at its Future Africa Campus.

Raw Modular joined industry leaders, the DTIC and the University of Pretoria’s EBIT Faculty for a day of inspiring presentations, productive discussions and exhibitions by industry and students all aimed towards promoting the future of timber construction in South Africa.

Along with presenting on the topic of Practical Timber Design and Construction Training, we were asked to exhibit the student work from our Winter Training Camps and decided to take one step further…

To demonstrate that what we teach isn’t simply theoretical but tangible, Raw took on the same challenge that we set out in the student brief which is to design a modular, cross laminated timber (CLT) nano sleeping pod. We even went as far as letting the CLT sheet size of 6m x 1,9m and how our parts will be nested on the sheets determine the shape of our nano sleeping pods. We managed to fit two pods onto five sheets of material and we had the result standing outside the conference centre at Future Africa for the attendees to see and experience.

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