Hang out at the Hideout.

In July of 2021 we re-located our Inhouse Cabin down the road to Rosemary Hill – a beautiful estate just outside of Pretoria that not only operates as an organic farm, but also offers their guests a variety of unique ‘farm stays’ accommodation options.

This is not the first time that Raw Modular and Rosemary Hill have teamed up to bring you a unique compact living experience. When visiting the farm, visitors can also enjoy staying at our container-home, The Huddle.

and our prefab living unit, Zenkaya.

Our cabin, now known as The Hideout, sits nestled within the trees and elevated on a raised platform to create the perfect weekend escape from the city.

But unlike any other ‘perfect weekend escapes’ the Hideout brings something special to the table – a chance to experience the spatial quality of compact living. This will not only give you a chance to think differently about how we occupy space, but also give you and a loved one a fun experience you’ll never forget!

With an 90% occupancy rate you better jump on it quickly!

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