Walking the walk with Multi-use space.

We talk a great deal about flexibility in both our furniture and structures and we passionately work at creating modular systems that can adapt to your lifestyle and needs. Now, with our first cabin prototype we’ve illustrated how this principle can work in reality. The question is simple: how adaptable is the cabin as fully multi-purpose space?

Through the course of one day, we transformed the cabin into various ‘use’ scenarios in collaboration with actual users with needs, proving that the cabin can be a place for…


A place for… trading

A place for… streaming

A place for… creating

A place for… making

A place for… staying

And most importantly, a place for… choice.

The cabin offers a new approach to the traditional workspace, and short stay accommodation. It is designed to enable you to reconfigure it to suit your needs.

It’s time to reimagine the way you want to work and live.

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