RAW .22 – A year in review

In October of 2021 we announced that we are evolving: the same RAW in essence, but with a redefined vision of how we see ourselves working and moving forward. We made a shift towards providing new services and product offerings, but with the same RAW drive.  Design, Furniture and Structures became our core offerings.

Thinking back, this year has not been without its ups-and-downs. Like so many other small businesses we’ve had to adjust and deal with the challenges of rising fuel prices and material import cost, and our ever-elusive power supply. But in a way this has forced us to stay true to our new vision and keep focussed on large scale projects, project-based design services, and seeking out developers with a need for modular solutions for compact living spaces.

So, what’s next?

The Office is Hybrid, the Future is Modular

With the traditional office going through a period of change and uncertainty we will continue to adapt, and ‘live, develop, prototype and make sustainable modular design solutions, furniture systems and compact living spaces that simplify the way you work and live’. Our focus will remain on larger, development-type office and residential projects – with an exciting modular home design opportunity already in the works.

We’ll also be broadening our horizons to include an educational training aspect to our offering, as the visit by the students of TUT here in October was a taste of what’s to come. With more engagement with universities, professional training programmes and internships lined up for next year, we are super excited for what’s to come in 2023.

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