UPFA Student Residential and Communal Areas

Future Africa Campus at the University of Pretoria presented a massive challenge and opportunity for Raw. We were asked by Andre Eksteen from Earthworld Architect to design, develop and produce modular fixed furniture for the entire student accommodation offering on campus.

The result was the first working iteration of Stilts, our component-based floor to ceiling compression system that can solve pretty much every functional need you can throw at it. Apart from its understated minimal look and great functional prowess the system also stood out for its ease and speed of installation.

The system consisted of four or five components used in different ways to solve the many different requirements for student accommodation. All the components were manufactured and assembled off site and installed at a very late stage in the building program, which was very convenient in terms of sequencing the project build.

Interest peaked? See the result in this Video: It’s Time for Stilts™, part 2…

This project and the Stilts product spawned the second iteration of the Stilts system in 2020 that has gone on to feature in a lot of our projects of late.

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