Tribeca Campus

In conjunction with the brilliant design team at EarthWorld architects and Jacques Coetzer, artist and illustrator extraordinaire, Raw played an important role in the realization of TriBeCa Campus, a new restaurant coffee shop on the Tuks Campus in Pretoria. Tribeca Coffee Company is a long-standing client of Raw, and once again we were the go-to people for the shop fitting joinery and loose furniture fittings at this new student hotspot. Printing the artwork straight onto the birch plywood really created an effect that optimizes the “retro” look and “holiday” feel of their brand. Since its opening three weeks ago, the place has been packed to capacity and the stream of punters doesn’t seem to be letting up. Tribeca’s ethos of quality products and attention to detail (even if that does cost more initially) certainly makes economic sense in the long run.

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