AFI Consult

Why do we love working for engineers, well apart from our mutual love for solving problems and making stuff, they also like engaging with designed systems. So, when we suggested they base their head office fit-out on our modular Klik system we knew they would be game.

AFI Consult is a dynamic team of professionals dedicated to providing innovative and viable solutions within the consulting engineering and project management environment, serious work that requires robust office furniture to be sure, but they also wanted a product that would transform their workspace into a place where they would enjoy being.

The Klik system is easy to configure, future proof and flexible but best of all it doubles up as a wall panelling system that transforms dull white workspaces into something a lot more beautiful and sophisticated.

Needless to say, these engineers were hooked, kept ordering and we have subsequently supplied another of their branched in Mpumalanga.

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